Positive vibes only 2019

2019 is almost here! we will be saying goodbye 2018 really soon.

As i have mentioned before in my very first post on my blog, that i have wanted to start a blog in the upcoming year and i figured why not start right away. There is absolutely no reason to wait for a certain hour or date or year. Don’t let the power of these numbers deceive your subconscious mind into limiting your potential.

It took my some time to end up being in such a mind set. As many of you may know i am a law & political science graduate. Being a lawyer has always been the dream, coming to realize the business aspect of it that drifted away from the very humanitarian side of law i was reluctant. Did i really want to do that?. Though one day i might still go ahead and take that as an occupation but i will not disconnect myself from the path that i have taken post graduation. Helping others as i found out is not limited to being a professional in a certain field. One can simply donate a small toy to a child and draw a smile on that child’s face.

Now with that being said, i have dedicated most of my travels and free time to volunteer work. As for the career path (where i earn an income) writing and publishing has been the dream that i was too shy to mention to people due to the reactions i would get (that’s not good enough, you can’t maintain your life through that etc…).

Working on improving myself post graduation was mostly improving my mindset. Pulling my self out of a depressing state and being positive, happy and confident in every step i take required some time. i must admit too that i have lost some friends along the way ( or those who i thought were friends), developed a stronger personality (though i sometimes feel bad about answering people in a certain way but i have learned my lesson!) also when i plan to do something i keep it to myself up until i have accomplished the first step successfully!

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is one of the books i plan to re-read during the start of 2019. I have read it years ago, but i most certainly was much younger and less experiences in life and therefore i had a completely different view. Today i’ll be reading it with a much better understanding. I have (with the help of many youtubers and different books)  managed to practice the law of attraction this year and learned how to meditate too. Regardless of all the information complied i had to do things (tailor based) on my needs. Remember one can learn from others, but at the end of the day it is your journey!

Stay positive and happy, do what it takes to make your dreams come true regardless of what people surrounding you may say.

How would you like to start your 2019?

Sending happy vibes to all, 


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