Tea Time for The Jilted Lover by Prachi Sharma (Requested Book Review)

I have been kindly sent this book in exchange for an honest review with in a max. of 20 days, due to traveling around i did not get to finish this book in a shorter time as i could have. However, it is a fairly quick read i would say.

Tea Time For the Jilted Lovers by Prachi Sharma

This books contains 248 pages of a fictional love story set in Mumbai-India, each chapter starts with a unique tea related title which I found to be creative and beautiful (caffeine lover here!)

An attractive famous writer, who perfects his tea brewing and enjoys it happens to be famous for it along with other things, is our protagonist here. Homi Palsetia dedicates each of his noir-thriller books to a woman who has broken his heart. Who is this woman? The details of their love affair?…. that we get to know later throughout this book.

His life revolves around his book related events such as signing and tours which are well scheduled and met through his agent Rimi along with the lectures he gives at a university. Other than that his private life is that of a bachelor who would rather have no strings attached and ends a relationship the moment an attachment is made.

Going on smoothly with his life, healing his heartache through writing books and one night stands with women who can’t seem to resist his charm, his old love comes out of the blue knocking on his door in an attempt to change the way things have ended. Not only does that raise his anger but it also inspires him to write more with an inspiration of making her the villain in his next book.

That sudden interruption was only the beginning as he starts to smell the faint lingering women perfume familiar to him in his house and starts receiving random gifts, the first thought in his mind was: a case of an obsessed fan. However, with lipstick written messages and phone calls from an unknown number the situation gets creepier by the second. The panic hits him in his private life along with his career as a bag of mutilated rats is found before his book signing placing him in a position of an author seeking alternative ways of publicity.

I would love to delve more into the details but I would most certainly be giving away too much of the story. I must say as a tea lover and a frequent visitor to India myself I have been drawn to this book by its title  the very moment I was asked if I’d like to review it. Over all the suspense in the story line builds up very well especially towards the end ( at that point I couldn’t  stop reading).

However, since this is an honest review there will be the positive and negative points. Some words were typed in a way that they were glued together, which I found slightly frustrating as a reader. In addition a certain phrase got be thinking is this correct or not? “and he brought it?” … normally what I hear and read is if someone has bought the idea, not if they have brought the idea. In all that sounded like a strange expression to me (someone explain this to me if I’m wrong please).

When the inspector Abhi, asked Homi if he suspected anyone, including his ex-girlfriends the answer was no based on the fact that he ended all relationships on mutual terms and there was no hatred involved. To me it was clear as day light that Meher was the one, maybe spicing it up more and adding one other ex-girlfriend who wanted revenge or wanted to seek any benefit from Homi could have added more suspense and actual mystery as to who could possibly be stalking him. What came as a surprise however was the level of madness Meher has reached in order to get what she wants. The level of hatred Homi had for her and the level of possessive love she has reached seemed disproportionate to the weak heartbreak in their love, i was expecting a more intense story behind all that.

As for the conclusion, it was great having a happy, loving and peaceful ending for Homi but I would have loved to know how it ended with Meher as well. Oh and i loved the relationship Homi has with his mother, that was so sweet!

My rating: 3/5 stars and an over all enjoyable good read.

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