New Authors and Book Review Requests (a mini-rant, common mistakes and tips to get good reviews for your book)



Hello !

its been a while since I’ve written anything and same goes for reading i was in a reading slump.

I have been on bookstagram (Book related accounts on instagram) for quite some time now, it is such a great community where one can find some great book recommendations, share thoughts with like minded people and also promote small home businesses.

With that being said, i have decided (along with starting this blog) to do other new things which i see happening in this community, such as writing book reviews by books that are yet to be released or have been published. In such cases the author simply wants an easy and (cost friendly or cost free) way of gaining popularity and having high book sales.

Since many bookstagram accounts do have some dedicated followers or even a very high number of followers in such cases certain books can make it to the top by simply being promoted in this community.

It hasn’t been long ago when i have contacted an author to ask for his books in exchange for an honest review. The author was very professional and and was open to even sending more books my way in the future.

However, as days passed by i have been approached by other authors to have their books reviewed. I personally find it such an honor to have someone send a piece of work they have spend so much time on just to have my very humble opinion. Now re read this paragraph again please! …. Well that is not exactly the case, i am simply a number along with the many other numbers (reviewers) who have been approached online. They send this request to many people a once and usually in a hurry.

Well, let me tell you some of these e-mails even lack proper language and professionalism and don’t get me started on what happens once the e-mail has been received on my end. This is when the chase begins! expecting one to fly through 300 pages or 500 pages is simply not reasonable. Depends on how the reviewer finds your book, this reviewer will pace him/herself until the book has been read cover to cover.

If the reviewer has taken a very very long time alright of course you can ask POLITELY and i repeat POLITELY …for example, “i hope you are enjoying the book when shall i be expecting to read your review?”

Sadly most e-mails i get are simply of orders as if this is a job i am being paid for, and lets assume i am being paid to write reviews that is not an excuse to have no manners.

The other issue i seem to have is of many authors from India sending their books my way and having an issue that i can’t post a review on Amazon India. I can’t post anything there because i have never shopped there! most of the time their books are not available on the international site which i have access to.

Simply nagging and bother a reviewer might still get you a good review if the book is good, however you will be giving a very bad reputation for yourself which can spread really quickly in the online community of readers.

so to sum this up !

Here are the tips to you my dear new authors

  • Do not nag and send endless messages and e-mails to the reviewer once the book has been received on their end.

The reviewer as fancy as the term maybe is simply another reader ! therefore a human and not a robot. Every persons time is valuable and if someone is willing to dedicate their free time to read your book that should be appreciated.

  • To make sure reviewers submit their review before certain date (meet a deadline)

You can make an instagram group and add all reviewers to it (once you have taken their permission to do so) this way it can be a buddy read that they all enjoy together. Considering one has to keep up with others, one automatically feels to need to speed up the pace and submit the review in time.

  • What makes reviewer say no! or simply ignore you

Once approaching a reviewer make sure you are polite! if you are rude or simply hit them up with the (can you review my book) without even bothering yourself to write Hello or How are you etc… Always make sure you do take the time to approach people kindly and in a professional manner

  • What could help you in getting good reviews

Once again when approaching a reviewer, it would be nice to include a little bit about yourself. For example “This is my first ever published work” or “I have studied such and such and these are the links to my social platform” basically anything to let people know who you are.

Also make sure to include a good cover art page if you are sending an e-copy of your book. This always helps in having the reviewer post an eye catching picture of your book on instagram ! compared to posting a white page with the title only.

Make sure you do ask in how many platforms a reviewer can post their reviews, and sending the link to your book on goodreads, amazon and any other website would make it easier for the reviewer to post. Do not send a copy expecting a reviewer to post it everywhere even their personal facebook page and then be disappointed if they don’t do so! remember not everyone posts on amazon and not everyone posts links to their reviews on twitter etc…. make sure you do know what the reviewer you are approaching uses as a platform. If what they have does not meet what you are looking for then simply do not send your work. DO NOT send your work to someone and then bombard them with e-mails and messages to go post of other social platforms as well…. that’s just RUDE!

Include the reviewer in your database! once a reviewer has accepted your request simply ask them if they would be happy to receive some of your future work ? If they do you wont have to go through the hassle once again for the next book you get published.



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