They Called Me Wyatt

*This book has been kindly sent my way by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Being from Dubai, any book surrounding the middleeast interests me. Sadly most of them out there despite being great books seem to revolve around the same topics with the same arguments over and over again.
This book however, has mentioned some of the most common point in middleeastern modern day literature however in a more interesting way that plays well with the details of the story being told.

Siwar our main character here is a young jordanian girl who seems to have a rebellious personality and strong opinions, which led her to chose her our career path which was controversial to her culture as it was seen as (not a way to earn money) unlike becoming a pharmacist which was the original plan. In addition to that her academic choice was not even in Jordan but abroad in USA.

Her struggles with her self image and personality as is with most girls, has her do things out of the ordinary and sometimes even very unexpected and unaccepted by her society. Dating boys and having that covered up by her friends placed her family and her own reputation at risk and infused jealousy by her friends.

Her exposure to a new world in the USA, where she can roam freely and express her love for her boyfriend conflicted with her inner beliefs she grew up with regarding her virginity and maintaining boundaries in relationships.

The more i was curious about her character and what she would do next (which i did partially relate to as this is my culture as well) i was surprised by her ending and (restarting!) again through a child’s body. That in it self was one crazy plot twist.

Wyatt’s childhood made me truly think what it could be like to be in the shoes of a person living with autism, to not have ones thoughts translated and expressed as others. On the other hand Siwar’s control over his brain also led me to realize what it felt like for those who struggles with schizophrenia.

Hoda’s frustration when it came to Wyatt and her outbursts of defense when it came to women related matters made me giggle at times and go yes Hoda *claps like a weirdo to a non existing character in an e-book* !

The second plot twist was the ending! it was perfect and unexpected, just when i thought (oh god i expected them to make a bigger deal once the mystery has been solved) i was surprised!

Great Book, definitely one i would have bought myself. 5/5 stars !

What books have you read about the middleeast that resonated with you?

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