Rumi’s Secret

As a fan of Rumi, i knew i automatically had to purchase this book.
Having read the daughter of Rumi previously, i always thought that Kerra was an imaginary character up untill i got to know how she is considered his daughter.

His life is one interesting journey of ups and downs yet he remained firm in his beliefs which is definetly something to admire. This book gives the reader an opportunity to learn more about Rumi’s family life, how his father had a harem (more than one wife) where as he has two (the second wife after the death of his first).

The many speculation about his relationship with Shams of Tabriz, seem to be given a clearer image here. the relationship between them has been detailed including the travels of Shams and how Rumi has disconnected with his son due to his dislike to Shams and his fathers ways.
Yet i personally still find it to be more than a disciples relationship and admiration towards a sheikh. However, no fact has been shown yet that their relationship was more than that despite the persian romantic poems.
Towards the end of the book i could not help but question if Rumi has maintained the same personality and character until the end of his life or if he has become more selfish (yet unaware). Like his disconnection with his son (despite sending his three letters with endearing titles) seemed very harsh especially after the sons death. Also his support of Al Hallaj (even though what he said was not acceptable is religious terms) yet Rumi claims to be a man of god too and same goes for Salah when mispronouncing words and being criticized for it yet Rumi defended him by saying such words can be pronounced in such a way.

A part of him seemed to be extra defensive of his so called (companions / friends) even though it may be against his beliefs and values, that was one of the traits that made me question and admire him at the same time since he is the one who said “Animals grow fat from eating grass, People from power and fame”. He does recognize the effect power can have on a person same goes for his dislike with the involvement with politics.

Through the pages of this book i felt that i was transported into another world and lifestyle, definitely a beautiful one.

I do have a few more Rumi books that i have read in the past, but this was the most detailed one.

Who is your favourite poet? Have you read any of Rumi’s work?

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