The Man Building and Destroying The Orphanage

Knowing the source can save you from trouble in many situations


Once you start reading an article or a post on the internet (especially after many crazy rumors have started through the internet) many became aware of how important it is to know the truth by searching for the source of the news. Same goes with visiting a new place, it is always best to know who is behind it (running the place). Once you enter a hotel you meet the receptionist right away, upon entering a restaurant you are greeted by the staff, when joining a new community group you are met by the founder of the group or leader etc…

However when you enter an orphanage and you are greeted by children running your way pushing through to give you a hug or greet you with a smile, your emotions take control and you are instantly moved by their innocence. You might even forget taking a moment and doing what you usually do when your brain takes control and not your heart. You would forget to meet the person running the place!

Yes believe it or not, many people who have volunteered or visited orphanages would have come across the staff or members of the community helping there etc… but most of the time they would not have the chance to meet the founder.

The person who have built the place or the founder let’s just say (in most cases) would be wealthy and is occupied with work, therefore delegating tasks to the trusted staff and won’t be there 24 hours of the day. While on the other hand you might find those who have founded the orphanage as a means of business! Yes I just wrote BUSINESS and won’t be there all the time so their true colors and intentions won’t be clear to the visitors.


One of the orphanages I visited (the one I wrote about in my previous blog post titled “Shocking Discoveries through multiple orphanage visits”) is the one that concerned me the most. I have only met the owner once previously and did not have the chance to sit and talk. The last visit there made many things clear to me, the way this man carried himself and his attitude was that of a person who was begging and being so dramatic all the time. Life can be tough and sometimes people have no choice but to beg which is unfortunate and I do not hate on them, in fact I would help them. In this case we are talking about a grown man who supposedly takes care of more than 30 children yet seems to not be calm or collected. The Dramatic act I have mentioned in my last post him with tears in his eyes every moment would give you the idea that he is a very sensitive and emotional person. However that did not reflect in his actions!


He might have built an orphanage (physically yes it exists!) but he is the same person destroying it through his actions and taking advantage of these children to simply make money.

When I visited a second orphanage, I noticed a huge difference. The children were well dressed and behaved. They were truly taken care of! They all attended school and were taught to make their beds every morning before heading to school. I asked the founder there, how many children were under his care and I was shocked to compare the difference in number (they were much less). So I said how come?! And why don’t you fit more children in this room like in the previous orphanage I visited. He laughed and said no way that is not allowed, (they had bunk beds) and only two children were allowed to sleep on it (Which is the normal situation). I told him the first orphanage I helped at has children sleeping on the bed the opposite way (five children on each mattress by placing their head on one width/side of the bed and their feet on the other side).


He informed me that this is not allowed and if the authorities were to pass by for the check-up he would be fined. Since he has been running the orphanage for many years we figured he is definitely not licensed, since nobody ever checks up on their situation. Each child is not receiving the necessary and proper amount of care he/she should receive as in other orphanages. I thought to myself could I be the only one seeing all the red flag here! What about all the foreigners who pass by??!! … All those who visit, volunteer and help I can’t be the only one.

Lately I found many shocking facts!!!! To be continued in a series relating to this topic on my channel.

Check my Youtube Video, to know more of what happened in detail (How the sponsorship of children were a two way income stream, how he also has money going straight to his pockets through three different ways using the orphanage and other facts like owning three cars and why there are no full time teachers to educate the children.

Youtube Channel : Shamsa Al Mheiri


4 thoughts on “The Man Building and Destroying The Orphanage

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  1. What a pity! This is a one of few reasons majority of people don’t see private orphanages as real orphanages in letter and spirit of the word. There’s hunger in the land and few cunning individuals are out reaping where they didn’t sow. Thanks for sharing this ugly experience of what you witnessed in Tanzania. To be fore warned is to be fore armed. Ndewo 🙏🙏🌹


    1. Yes it is sad indeed, as usually the private orphanages are the ones that do need support. However there are some people still doing such work the right way but sadly those who deceive us shake our trust in everyone else.


  2. Hi Shamsa!

    I volunteered at Faraja orphanage in 2013 & went back to visit in 2016–you are absolutely right, Faraja exploits the children for his own personal profit & it’s sickening. Many other volunteers & locals alike feel the same way, but, for whatever reason, he is still running the orphanage. Would love to discuss this more with you.


    1. Hello Dear Carina, Thank you for your response. As you know as yourself i am a foreigner to Tanzania. However, i am sure there is always hope and a way to bring this to light and have the authorities look into this. Spreading the word i figured could help make people realize what is happening. During my last visit many things have become very clear. This man is very dishonest and it is sad to see these innocent children staying under his care.
      Please do suggest which other way we can help in solving this issue.
      Kind Regards,


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